PIX41 Creative Services

PIX41 offers the following creative services…


Weddings / engagements / birthday parties / private family functions / children shoots / model & glam

PIX41 loves being creative and capturing your special day through our lenses.  Our goal is to tell the story of your day through our images we record for you and yours.  We blend contemporary and photojournalistic styles.

You have a unique and compelling story to tell. Whether you are getting married, expecting a little miracle, or having portraits taken of your children as they make their way through childhood.  We are interested in capturing it all 🙂

When we meet for the first time, we want to know your interests, what your style preferences are, what kind of photography you like. Then when the time comes for your photo session, we’ll make sure everyone is comfortable so that we can capture you at your best and happiest.

PIX41 is involved in creating many themed projects that we display through exhibits.  This creativity cannot be compared to a photographer who is trained to take a few basic and popular poses!