Its been a while gang :-(

So I am very pleased to announce that I have finally come to my senses and have severed all ties with my old WordPress provider “Hostpapa.”  The service was terrible and trying to get a hold of someone was half the battle.  The time it would take to access my home page would linger sometimes for 30 secs!!  Yes you heard me……. 30 SECs!  After running various tests on GTmetrix and experimenting with various plug ins in an effort to improve the speed, still my site was sluggish.  They kept telling me that it was the WordPress and that I did not have it optimized.  Well guess what…….. I did some research and found that hostpapa has a very bad rap on the net.  I then decided to investigate providers that would be a better fit and so I did settle with GoDaddy as they have servers that are dedicated for WordPress.  I am very happy with the speed of my site now and the transition was very easy and painless.  So if you are reading this……….. stay away from HOSTPAPA!

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